Honor! Our company appointed to be a membership unit of Guangzhou Arts and Crafts Association

Created Date: 2019-03-01 16:24:25

The Guangzhou Arts & Craft Association has been established for 15 years. And there was held the election of the fifth the Board of Supervisors. It is our honor to be appointed as a membership unit of association , be appointed by secretary-general of association.

Guangzhou arts and crafts association commit itself to establish a platform that member easy to communicate with each other and deeper discuss about direction of the associations development

There are many experts specialized in arts and crafts industry gather in the place,with traditional characteristics skill , such as ivory carving , jade carving , Wood Carving , Canton Colorized ceramics , Guangdong embroidery

Our company commit ourselves to development of association , to inherit , to spread , to innovate . make a intensive discussion of how to combine clothing industry with AACA ( arts and crafts association ).we will create a road of arts coalescent with our own characteristics , step by step.