Visit Commonwealth Science and Industries Research Organization, Trip of Source share ,communicate ,investigate and study

Created Date: 2019-04-03 16:57:12

Visit Commonwealth Science and Industries Research Organization

Trip of Source share ,communicate ,investigate and study


Commonwealth science and industries research organization ,abbreviated as CSIRO ,was found in 1926 ,primary state-sanctioned institution of science in Australia , at the meanwhile it also is one of the biggest and wildest institution of science , with comprehensive power is rank top 10 around the world,including industries , agriculture,medical field, military field, etc. Provide the search of industries ,social, environment field with creative solution 

Ms. Xu as representative of female entrepreneur committee , one of executive chairman,who is our company chief executive office and was invited to attended the meeting with CSIRO .

  • (picture at headquarter of CSIRO,  
    while scientists get down to work at the science base)

at the scene ,there are many expert and senior manager of the enterprise ,they are introduced the creative application of search field,and the origin source of CSIRO,the frame of organization,etc               

SCIRO is the biggest national level institution of science search , have got hugest amount of scientist ,with 6500 staff in the Australia and around the world,carry out scientific search project. 
It has signed the cooperation and communication agreement with China Mining University on Oct.10th 2008 and with Xidian University on May.14th 2009

(artistic works by the 3D printing machine ,the raw material is sand)

CSIRO have a strong sense of cooperation,share ,communicate,globe. Have been achieved a series of achievement on the various field and it’s proprietary technology has widely used at popularly product ,such as WIFI tech. And the resilin is the one almost perfect rubber to be used in the medical field,etc.

it was our honor to visit the CSIRO , the short but powerful speech address and the wonderful tours ,all of f female entrepreneur committee come it out in mind that  ”stay true to the mission, absorb foreign essence .create the future”.

As one of the great entrepreneur have a responsibility to force the team forward, to do contribution for our country