Our company attended the Wo Sai Mobile Internet University, the third session of the 1000 board meeting and APP world premiere ceremony.

Created Date: 2016-08-11 22:46:36


  On 25 June 2016, in Yiheshanzhuang Guangzhou, Wo Sai mobile Internet University and the third session of 1000 board meeting held a grand. Wo Sai mobile Internet University and all of the managers made an intimate communication and exchanges, directly reflects the theme of the high-profile “passion, participation and communication” in the activity of the 3rd council.

Mr Hua, Founder and chairman of Wo Sai University, founder of theory of Chinese Internet, renowned Chinese scholar, costumes on stage and had a wonderful lecture .

Live passionate interpretation, the global live.

Wo Sai university incubated enterprise (mobile Internet) speaker: Wo Sai University CFO Peng Zhiwei

Mr Hua’s image was build by our company JD senior private custom team, the Queen's chief designers and managers of him. The design was draw lessons from internet innovation as a concept and the Scottish skirt style as the source of inspiration, to break the old ideas, and correspond to the internet thinking of open and changing, give people a fresh wonderful and special feeling.

Xu Yin, the general manager of our company and Liang Xuexian the president of Liwan District Berkeley took a photo.

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