The inauguration of Sixth General Council of apparel industry association in Panyu District.

Created Date: 2016-09-11 17:32:38

May 31, 2016, the inauguration of sixth Council of Panyu District apparel industry association held in the Convention center of Panyu district. The investiture of the honorary president, the council member, and sectary general get the highly praise and encouragement by Panyu District government, industry and Commerce and other leaders.

The association, playing an important role as a bridge, has promoted the communication between government and enterprises. Liu Ruihui, Luo Feihong, and Luo Yonglin as the leaders of the Council did the work report.

At the inauguration of the Sixth Council, chairman Xu and manager Chen of our company have participated in. As an apparel manufacturer, Boshi international group will have a good development under the leadership of the apparel association, Continuously improve brand awareness, actively explore and strengthen self construction, Conform to the trend of development and the times, strengthen exchanges at Domestic and abroad,learn from advanced experience and achievements in the operation of the apparel industry, and bring about a large innovative apparel brand.

Finally,the council achieved a complete success through a various of agenda.