The 39th Mrs Universe World Championship China Finals

Created Date: 2016-10-28 12:38:31

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests,

Good evening, friends!

On behalf of all the members of the Organizing Committee of the world finals, I would like to thank all our family members who support the global wife contest. Thank you for supporting our faith with love and kindness.

Let every family more harmonious, more happy, so that every mother and child can be healthy and happy life, is our desire.

In the future, we will work harder,

Thank you all!

- the elite will Huang Zhizhong

2016.09.04 speech contest

The 39th Mrs Universe World Championship China Finals ended in September 4th at the Guangzhou stadium in Nansha, this is the first round of the Mrs Universe World Championship held in China. The competition from the world's more than 70 countries of the world women's race out of the world, to show the world beauty!

The site of the 39th Mrs Universe World Championship China Finals.

Holland's Nadine van Soest (left) and Peru's Karren PatriciaWong Portill (left two), Austria's Olga Torner (middle), Zimbabwe's Tracey-anne Buckley (right two), China player Xu Yan (right)

After fierce competition, the championship winner of 2016 Mrs Universe World Championship China Finals was Mrs. Olga Torner from Austria, Zimbabwe's Tracey-anne Buckley won first place in the world, Peru's Karren PatriciaWong Portill won the second in the world, Chinese contestant Xuyan won the world third, Holland's Nadine van Soest won the world fourth.

Our company participated the competition, and now to show the unusual Mrs Universe World Championship.

Taking a photo with Huang Zhizhong, the organiser of 39th Mrs Universe World Championship and the President of the elite and fashion friends.

The world's wife is perfect to show the unique style of the country.

Our company CEO Ms Xu took a photo with the total champion of Austria Torner Olga

Remove fine clothes, ladies

It is reported that global women competition is after 38 years, the world-renowned brand of high-end women's events, before and after the contest attracted nearly 3 million players to participate, covering more than 100 countries and regions, hiting more than 10 billion times the cumulative voting, to nearly a thousand international mainstream media attention is worldwide with" the new benchmark "beauty pageants, a show female charm of the stage of married women have dreams for each building, hope the selection has a unique temperament, wisdom, independent loving, healthy and confident, with the mainstream values advocating peace, love view of women, to support the maintenance of women's rights. Against domestic violence, harm to women, love will be sent to every corner of the world. To promote the international community to married women's quality of life and the spirit of the pursuit of global attention, married women are encouraged to actively participate competitions to show themselves, to participate in the global promotion and dissemination of public welfare of women, promote self-confidence and independent new age strength model by spreading the beauty of women to achieve the heritage of love. The ladies were also very confident and beautiful. As the theme of this event is "don't let the world forget her beauty.".