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About the selection of blazer suits in men's suits

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The suit is a unified and popular formal wear all over the world, and "suit" is often used to describe a gentleman who is well-mannered and handsome. The main feature of a suit is the appearance of brace, smooth lines, comfortable to wear. If paired with a tie, it is more elegant and simple. And how to buy men's suits is also a discipline, the following will be introduced from several aspects of how to choose the right men's suits.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Men's blazer suits size measurement

  • Men's blazer suits Color selection

  • Lapel type selection for men's blazer suits

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Men's blazer suits size measurement

The measurements noted for men's blazer suits include shoulder width, chest circumference, hip circumference, sleeve length, trouser length, leg opening, etc. Shoulder width is the length from shoulder seam to shoulder seam in natural standing. Chest circumference is measured by wrapping a soft ruler around the arms under the armpits, around the chest, and measuring the length at the highest point. The waist circumference of a men's blazer suit top is the length of the value around to a position two fingers above the belly button. The hip circumference is the circumference at the fullest position of the hip with the feet together. The slim length is the length from the shoulder point vertically to the cuffs. Pant length is the length from hip bone to heel only. The leg opening is the length of one side of the pant leg.

Men's blazer suits Color selection

For professional occasions, conservative colors of men's blazer suits such as dark blue, dark gray, khaki, and black are always better than new and innovative colors such as burgundy and yellow-green. Dark blue and gray men's blazer suits can show the most professionalism and authority, which is suitable for the culture and dressing requirements of large enterprises and companies. Especially for formal meetings and first meetings with important clients, dark blue, and gray suits for men will create a competent image for you. The tan color is warm and friendly and is perfect for important but not serious occasions, or when you need to lighten the mood, such as employee birthday parties, semi-formal group breakfasts, picking up acquaintances, reassuring employees, or when lawyers meet with clients for the first time. A light-colored men's blazer suit is a double-sided blade that can bring out the best in a person, but it can also easily ruin your image if you don't pay attention to matching. Therefore, when wearing it, you should pay special attention to the material, cut, fit, quality, and matching to create a "great" image. Black suits are the most classic.

Lapel type selection for men's blazer suits

The lapel is the most influential part of a men's blazer suit other than the cut. There are three common types of men's blazer suit lapels, flat lapels, gun lapels, and green fruit lapels. Each lapel type has a different effect on the body and is also suitable for different occasions. The flat lapel collar is divided into two pieces, with a clear separation between the two pieces, usually showing a triangular-shaped gap. It can be worn on almost any body type. It is the most common and widely used collar type and the safest choice. The lower half of the collar is significantly larger than the upper half, enclosing the upper half and extending upward. The gunmetal collar will visually stretch the width of the upper body horizontally, very easy to make people feel a broad chest, a very aggressive feeling. The collar is a complete piece with a streamlined shape. The role of the green fruit collar is to modify the lines of the upper body, visually stretching vertically, so that the upper body does not look too fat or too strong. It is suitable for men with less than perfect body proportions or fat upper body. The green fruit collar is almost exclusively used for grand occasions such as weddings, dinners, and award ceremonies.

It is very important to choose the right men's suits. The company and product supervision department should carry out adequate quality control and improve inspection standards according to the characteristics of uniforms in different regions, to finally improve the quality of products for people to use. After reading the above content, if you are interested in men's suits, you can visit our company's website https://www.cnschooluniform.com/, we look forward to your arrival.


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