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About the selection of blazer suits in women's

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A suit is broadly defined as Western-style clothing, and is European-style clothing as opposed to "Chinese clothing". Suits are usually the first choice for businessmen and corporate employees. In the increasingly open modern society, women's suits are also becoming popular, reflecting the independence and self-confidence of women and men alike, some people call the suit for women's coat of a thousand changes. The following will be introduced from several aspects of how to choose the right women's suits.

The following is a list of contents:

  • How to choose the style of women's blazer suits

  • How to determine if a women's blazer suit fits

  • How to choose women's blazer suits for different occasions

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How to choose the style of women's blazer suits

The choice of women's blazer suit style should be discussed from person to person. The specific kind of body is suitable for what kind of version. The upper body is relatively thin but thick legs, and the best choice is a short slim suit, the lower body is a better choice is a step skirt, because the pear-shaped body is usually waist-thin buttocks big, support up. If you want to wear pants, you can wear straight pants, can pull out a long straight line for the lower body, but also with the help of high heels to show leg length. For people with a fat upper body and thin legs, a long suit is a better choice than a short one, which can elongate the lines of the upper body and avoid making the upper body look short and fat. The lower half of the body uses the advantage of thin legs with slimmer suit pants and high heels, you can avoid looking short legs because of the long suit.

How to determine if a woman's blazer suit fits

One of the most important things about wearing a women's blazer suit is choosing the right fit and size. The following will explain how we can determine if a women's blazer suit fits. First, lift your hand slightly outward to determine whether there is a large gap under the armpit, if so, it means that the size is on the large side. Therefore, choose a size that fits better on the outside of the chest on the premise that the arms do not feel tight. Next, also pay attention to whether the waist position is appropriate, and whether the back fit. Finally, observe the bust and hang your hands naturally to see if the sleeves on the back side of the big arms fit.

How to choose women's blazer suits for different occasions

The choice of women's blazer suits should also be based on their actual situation and the occasion they are in. newcomers to the workplace, generally choose a single row of flat lapels, which is the most classic basic model. For senior interviews, generally choose double-breasted, the difference between it and flat collar is that the lapel is upward pointed, to ensure the formality of the same time add some gas, can better highlight the workplace women's competent and sharp temperament. For the government, state-owned enterprises, and other conservative and serious requirements for clothing units to work in the first choice of single row flat barge head. For the private sector, foreign companies, and other relatively relaxed environments, you can choose the bump collar, simple and generous, compared to the basic flat barge collar, and can be a bit of character.

It is very important to choose the right women's suits. The company and product supervision department should carry out adequate quality control and improve inspection standards according to the characteristics of uniforms in different regions, to finally improve the quality of products for people to use. After reading the above content, if you are interested in women's suits, you can visit our company's website https://www.cnschooluniform.com/, we look forward to your arrival.


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