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Information about work uniforms

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Work uniform as the name implies is the clothing that is worn at work. It is generally a garment that is issued by a factory or company to its staff for uniform dressing and is called a work uniform. With the continuous development of the work uniform industry, more and more industries and companies are using work uniforms.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Fabrics of work uniforms

  • The design points of work uniforms

  • The role of work uniforms

work uniform

Fabrics of work uniforms

The fabrics of work uniforms mainly include tribute cool, fine tweed, anti-static silk, fine oxford spinning, cotton sarong, wool polyester tribute silk brocade, and so on. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of several fabrics. After high-temperature treatment, the fabric pattern is tight and gorgeous, with good resilience, easy machine washing, and good wrinkle resistance. Fine-working tweed fabric has both the anti-wrinkle and anti-pilling (wool) effect of chemical fiber with the comfortable and breathable characteristics of cotton on the back. Antistatic silk adopts imported conductive fiber and chemical fiber as raw materials to process with advanced technology, suitable for petroleum, chemical, electronic, coal, and other conductive industries.

The design points of work uniforms

The first principle of work uniform design is to have a clear target: for different industries, different enterprises in the same industry, different positions in the same enterprise, different identities and genders in the same position, and so on. The different points of targeted design are summarized as why people wear them, when they wear them, where they wear them, why they wear them and what they wear. The economy, aesthetics, and functionality of work uniforms should also be considered. Work uniforms can be selected according to your company's situation, such as construction companies should choose wear-resistant fabrics; electronic companies should choose anti-static fabrics. When customizing work uniforms, you should choose the right fabric and choose the right clothing for your company to achieve the best practicality.

The role of work uniforms

Work uniforms are specially made clothing for the needs of the job. There is a psychological implication of wearing work uniforms, that is, it is already time to go to work, all your non-work related things should be put down, all the unpleasant things outside should also be forgotten, and you should devote yourself to work. There is another role of work uniforms, which is to show the beauty of unity, to better establish the corporate image, and to regulate the behavior of employees. There are also work uniforms that have a promotional meaning, for example, many employees in the service industry wear clothing with the company's LOGO and font size printed on it.

The unified uniforms worn by a worker are conducive to cultivating team spirit, strengthening the overall image, and enhancing the sense of collective honor. The company and product supervision department should carry out adequate quality control and improve inspection standards according to the characteristics of uniforms in different regions, to finally improve the quality of products for people to use. After reading the above content, if you are interested in work uniforms, you can visit our company's website https://www.cnschooluniform.com/, we look forward to your arrival.


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